Continuing from Part 1…

More shots of pingsters arriving…

Like at all bloggers gathering

Time to shoot shoot and shoot!

As one of the photographer, I played my part to help

molemole + DK

molemole + Adam

Daphne + Sek Ling + Sek Lian

Sabrina + DK

?? (ok I need help with this one…)
themuxicbox (white) + Claire44 (black) + Phil Chan + Uzyn + Adrian

Pinklittlefigure + chillycraps

“Oh no! I kenna exposed!”

Sabrina + Jean


molemole + Paddy + Josh

Sabrina + Veron + MissCel

And again… more to come…

Part 3 tomorrow… time to sleep now. Nite everyone!


All of you are invited to join in the Yebber Party on 28 December too!
Come let’s meet up for more food and fun!
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