It happened before and it happened again!

A week or so ago…
It was the first time I couldn’t connect my mac to my bb. So I called Singtel technical support for help. After more than 30 mins of trying, he giving me useless advices (all I’ve already tried prior calling them), telling me to hold while he check and then come back with the exact same instructions, I was still unable to connect to my wireless bb! And he has the guts to tell me something is wrong with my airport connection! He asked me to send my mac for service! I got so pissed I hung up.

I tried changing some of the settings again, I managed to get myself connected again. In the end I still didn’t know what the problem was.

Then these couple of days, I got the same problem again. I fiddled with the configuration and still unable to connect. Up to a point when I thought there’s something wrong with my airport. (But this couldn’t be the reason as I was able to connect my mac wirelessly at the office and on Wireless@SG.) So I told my brother who was using the pc to turn it off so that I can try connecting. And if I could connect when he’s offline, than something must be wrong with my modem or Singtel mio bb.

He turned off the pc, I reboot my mac, and tadah! I’m connected! So what have I concluded?

  1. There’s nothing wrong with my mac.
  2. There’s nothing wrong with the user. (me)
  3. It’s either the modem or the connection which has the problem! I’m so going to call and screw the tech support later in the morning! Too exhausted to waste my energy on them now.

If they still insists that its my mac that has the problem, I’m so going to storm down to the store to demand for a refund or at least a proper clarification!

Why did I trust Singtel that much? Should have stuck with my starhub in the first place. Now I can’t cos I’m stuck with their 2 year plan! Sickening!