This is not my usual kind of blog post. But I just couldn’t understand the mystery behind guys and showgirls. I was at TXN Auto Show over the weekend and saw the ugliest not so pretty showgirls I’ve seen by far. Here are some of the “babes” spotted at The Xtreme Nights Lifestyle Auto Show at the Singapore Expo. Guess this was one of the reasons why they had the lights off in the entire hall.

Whenever you see this, you know there’s a showgirl.

Click for bigger version if you wish to see the showgirl.

Everyone was shooting the dancers on main stage.
This lady on the platform was lonely. So I shot her. Sexy body but with not-so-pretty face.

This was the most disgusted shot I got
(*Referring to the men not the ladies).
Look at the guy in blue with red bag!
I wonder what angle he got on his camera!

True or False? No matter how ugly the women were, men just want to shoot them. As long as they’ve got the killer body. Perhaps, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Where has all the real beauty gone too? Guess these shows aren’t up to their standard.

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