Congrats to the winners of Essential Brew’s 2 year VIP card. Next time anyone wants to go there for food, you know who to look for ya… :) I’m sure they’ll be more than willing to go with you if you foot the bill. Heee…

The draw was conducted by the boss himself

And the winners from last night…

Chillycraps the joker

(I don’t know why he always give me that face when he takes photo)

Rinaz the 2 of spade

and she attempted to video herself receiving the prize…

Arzhou the erm… can’t see his card leh

Qiaoyun the 6 of club

(Nope the DS lite is not part of the prize)

And finally me…

With the Ace of spade (I love my card!)

Lesson to learn: Never take a photo from bottom up!

Thanks Essential Brew for sponsoring the prizes!