This event marks the most parts in my blog. This the 4th 5th! And I’m going to make this the final one. Here you’ll find the candids I caught at the event. (erm… candid aka unglam shots) So if you don’t want to see yourself being unglam, please ignore this post! HAHAHA!

Let’s start off with the not-so-unglam-shots that I’d not posted in the previous posts…

Being the finale, of cos we’ve to start with the big boss…
Anyone wants to digg Uzyn?

 And big thank you to Ms Hello Kitty for organising and making this possible

The designer behind…

Veron + Uzyn

And the designer of the very nice Tshirt for everyone

Official launch of the Ping Tshirt

“Is this too big for me?”

Miccheng showing off his well polished top

And as usual I’ve to catch his signature shots…


Don’t ask me how he got this shot taken.
I was stunned too. Just snapped and he got it!

Kinda too bright cos the flash was in our face.

 “What talking you?”

I wonder what CC was looking at…

The T-shirt watcher

“Why you want me to sing? Why??!!”

Caught in the act!

No lah… please lah… I shy lah…

Alamak! I also shy lah!

Aiyoh headache leh! All so shy!

Okok! I do I do…

(Look at the gleeful Uzyn!)

And lastly, the family photos!
Thank you Adam for such wonderful shots!!

It was a great event with everyone (new and familiar faces) getting together chilling out and chatting. Am sure going to look forward to the next Ping event!