It was a mini and cosy gathering of members and friends from Here are some of the snaps from my camera that night, 28 Dec 2007. The glam and not so glam shots of fellow bloggers and friends. More photos will be posted next week when I get them on Wednesday.

Cheers from Simply Jean, Alice, Dionis and Ann.

Alice was quite upset when Mr D wore a similar shirt as her.

Food galore from that night… my review here.

Bobo was eyeing on the prawns like everyone else.

Greedy me trying to eat off from the serving spoon!

Ya… trying to act cute here… cute anot?

¬†Time for some games… and forfeit too…

Jean had to pose for 3 funny shots. Here’s one of them…

Know what she was trying to do?

And I had to take 5 ugly shots… here’s one of the uglier one…

Night’s finale was game of Bingo! It was fun! Fun! Fun!

Thanks to everyone who came for the party. Looking forward to more fun events with fellow members, bloggers and friends. Hope everyone had an enjoyable night.