Was delighted to have received my first subscribed delivery from Project Smitten (Jan/Feb08) this morning at my doorstep. Since I’m at my CNY shopping mood, I quickly flipped the pages and see what they’ve in store for us. Spotted a “Hot Buy” of a bag organiser from M)phosis on page 55 of this issue and wanted to get one for myself. Went shopping at Bugis Junction and stopped by M)phosis to ask if they’ve stock for it. Looks like, I’m not the first who was there to ask about this bag.

The salesgirl asked which magazine I saw this bag in and told me that the bag I was looking for was from months ago! They no longer carry it! I asked if they’ll be bringing in more, she said it depends.

I was quite upset that this thing happened. Why does a fashion magazine publish a product that was already not on sale? I was very pleased with their content once. But after this incident, and many other which I’d heard (from their facebook group), I guess they’ve got to improve a lot more to gain back the trust from existing subscribers and attract new ones.

If you’d share similar problems, maybe you can share them too. I’ll be updating my entry on them at Yebber soon.