I simply love love love the simple design from this nameless brand – Muji. I always spend too much time in the Muji store whenever one is nearby.

Saw the products from the recently announced winner list of Muji Award 02. Love one and couldn’t quite figure out the other one…

Love the idea of this Chronotebook. It looks like a mindmap organiser. With an abstract of a clock in the center of the page, you get to plan your day around the clock. With left side for the morning/night and right side for the day/night. Simple yet clever design! I’ll probably buy one just to keep it, but whether or not I’ll use it is another issue. Cos I’ve got my MotoQ to keep me organised. :)

And these stackable hangers seem to be impossible for any clothes to be hung on. The idea of it being stackable and saving space when not in used is brilliant! But when comes to usability, it doesn’t look that helpful. Maybe cos these are just prototypes.

I would love to refurnish my entire room with products from Muji, instead of Ikea. But till the day I can afford to splurge on cool neat stylish furnishing for my own home, I’ll have to just continue shopping for furniture at the almost similar simple design concept store Ikea.