After more than 1 week, than they discovered this post. Its interesting to see these people who wants to leave rude comments on your blog, but is too afraid to identify themselves. They would rather be known as gays and bitches in order to satisfy their thirst for revenge. (What kind of email is g a y@g a y . com, b i t c h@b i t c h . com or unknown@d a m n you . com?) And posting all these comments at a shot isn’t very clever ya? Telling your friends about it and getting them to leave more comments, hoping to piss the bloggers isn’t quite right too. Interestingly, one mentioned that these dancers and showgirls were flew in from Thailand, but some I’d checked were from Malaysia. (The power of google and Facebook)

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As you can see in the screen shot above from my outbox in Facebook, one of the lady I shot at TXN poked me in facebook. I went to take a look at her albums, and found that she’s pretty in her own way, w/o the thick makeups and pink dress. And I’d sincerely sent a message to her to apologise and want to make another post to show that these showgirls are nice looking and pretty girls too. But sadly, there weren’t any reply from her. And instead, I get all these funny comments shot at me all at once.

To whoever you are (I know you’re not from SG), thanks for giving your precious feedbacks on my blog. And since this is my blog, I’ve the right to say whatever I want and post whatever I want. Hope you’ll be happier now after writing these comments. :)