Tonight, 10 pingsters with 2 cute korean guys went for Pizzas at MacPherson Road. There was much laughter, swearing and flashing. I’ll try to cover the night for those who missed it… as much as I can.

Here’s the story…

At 6.50pm, Claudia met Adam with his 2 korean guys, who are here for exchange programme, at Aljunied station. Soon after, Daphne arrived and we confirmed the identify of Patrick as one of us. Adam’s stomach was protesting profusely as we discovered that 2 other pingsters were going to be very late. Shortly after 7pm, Sylvia came. We took at the stairs, trying hard to control our hunger with Mentos. Finally, after 30mins of waiting, Mr Fong (Winston) arrived. So the 8 of us proceeded to the opposite side of the station to take cabs. All unsure where the exact location was, we wasted probably 50cents of cab fare going on big round and had to walk backwards towards the restaurant.
(Ok, this is abit too long winded. Following will be short and sweet...)

There sitting and cursing were DK, NTT, Chillycrap and Tstar. Everyone sat and started chatting. The entire place was filled with people our voice and laughter.

That’s how much everyone laughed tonight.

At times when they aren’t sure whether to laugh or not,
they just stared blindly into space.

The pizzas from tonight… we ordered 10, but only managed to take 6.
The rest were gone even before I got a chance to see it!
I missed 3 of them. There were a total of only 9 flavors.

NTT to Daphne: Psss… tell you a secret…
That DK always think he’s a Hero with superpower.

Next time when you’re next to DK, better beware of his other side…

Even NTT was frightened by his weird behavior.

I’ll end this post with a very badly taken group shot…

and a closer look at the 2 korean guys with Adam…

Johnny, Jung Mun and Adam

Overall tonight’s dinner was great. Especially the company. I’ll write more about the food at Yebber tomorrow. You can read it from here.

For those who wants to grab the photos, please go ahead. DK, for larger versions, you can click on the image. Don’t say I put small small picture only k.