I knew someone will start to complain, and sadly, this pingster did not want to reveal his identity. Perhaps afraid if he does, he’ll not get a chance to win? Why not just say out loud on your blog? I am!

As posted by an upset Pingster on Rude Singaporeans

“Recruit.net will announce the winners on 17th January 2008 at a special event at Geek Terminal Singapore where all short listed entries will be on display. Ping.sg

and the winners are…….
…. the winner has been decided…

But till date there is no result announced and the organizer just keep teasing with who the winner is. Is this a real contest?

Now let me do a detail analysis on this…

  • 14 Nov 2007, aplink announced a challenge on Ping.sg Forum.
  • 17 Nov 2007, 1st entry was submitted by Cris.
  • 23 Nov 2007, almost 2 weeks after the contests, seeing the lack of response, they decided to open the contest to more participants.
  • 16 Dec 2007, aplink announced that a great entry has be received. (Can’t find the link. If you know please tell me.)
  • 18 Dec 2007, Cris submitted his 2nd entry
  • 24 Dec 2007, another entry was submitted. (But the link is dead now)
  • 31 Dec 2007, I submitted my entry
  • 1st Jan 2008, one more by yingz
  • 2nd Jan 2008 (Final day for submission) -4 more submitted by: DK, Robben, Pris and Vorny.
  • Nothing was posted after that. Till 14 Jan 2008 when I asked if the winner was decided…
  • 15 Jan 2008, aplink posted “Announcement coming soon… the judges are almost ready to name the winners !!!”
  • And then everyone who submitted started pulling each others hair while waiting for the result.
  • The planned “special event” mentioned for 17 Jan 2008 at GT was canceled. Without any official announcement from aplink nor Recruit.net. No one knows what happened to this event. Shouldn’t they at least tell us that it was canceled?
  • 17 Jan 2008, aplink posted saying that the judges needed a few more days to decide on the winners. (But 2 days ago he posted saying they’re almost ready??? So hard meh? From what everyone can see, there were only 8 entries.)
  • 24 Jan 2008, aplink tried to get more attention on the forum by posting “and the winners are…”
  • 26 Jan 2008, another tease from aplink “…. the winner has been decided…” (WTH! Where are the names???)
  • Till now, there’s no news of the winners.
  • UPDATES from after I posted this entry…
  • Few minutes after I posted, aplink announced in the forum that the 2nd place winner has been decided and will be announced on Monday!?? (What about the 1st place winner?) And then there’s more contests coming with Macbook Air as prizes?? Hmm…

So what’s happening here? After almost 3 months since the contests started, and 10 days delay from the original planned winners announcement date, there’s still no news of the winners.

I’m sure many of us who follows this contests, can see why this is happening. IMO, it might be due to a few reasons…

  1. The iPhone concerned is still no where near the organiser. (Not bought or ordered but not shipped)
  2. The organiser is trying to get more attention from pingster and hopefully get more publicity on blogs and other discussion boards. (There’s other ways to do this right? This method is giving a reverse effect on Recruit.net. People might think that they’re not sincere in the contest. Aren’t aplink a PR person himself? He should know better ya?)
  3. The expected number of participants weren’t met. And they’re considering whether or not its worth giving out the prizes. (They could have state more clearly the T&C for the contests. E.g. min. of ## participants needed before the contests will close etc.)

So there! I’ve posted it! Perhaps this is what they’re expecting to see, hoping to get more people to notice about Recruit.net. (In a not-so-good-manner)

Recruit.net, its time for you to announce the winners!