I’m searching for more time! Can anyone give me some? I’ve got like so many drafts all 1/4 done waiting for me to post up. And one of which is very very important, cos it concerns the innocent ladies which was totally torn from my tried to attract more pongs post. Totally regretted! And now in order to prevent more hate comments, I need to get this out soon.

Have been trying to multi-task while at work too, but its so difficult when there’s like more than 10 things that I want to do at once! I’ll try to squeeze more time out tonite! Else all these drafts will have to wait till the weekends. Cos tomorrow night’s going to be another mad rush to post up photos (which I’ll most probably be taking) from the Pizza outing with pingsters.Damaged

And there’s this book which I really want to finish reading. But its so emotionally draining everytime I read about Jodie. The Damaged that she’d suffered. It’s really a great book. And I’m determined to finish it soon.

Help! Can someone please give me more time??