It was the cheapest I’ve seen so far! And it’s at Bugis Junction somemore! When the Salmon Don was served, I was pretty shocked. It didn’t looked like it cost just $3.80! I wondered if they’d served a wrong order!

It was also served with miso soup and pickles. There were lots of rice and the number of slices of salmon served was more than those you get from sushi belt where you paid $6.50 for. Although its not as thick, it was still fresh and nice. I’m not a chosey eater, so this entire set for $3.80 was definitely very value for money. CHEAP!! It was confirmed that this Salmon Small Don cost just $3.80. Will sure be going back for more.

And their ice-cream desserts were yummy! But cost more than this set of don! But I’ll surely be back for more.

Aji Tei (Bugis Junction)
Singapore 188966
Telephone: (65) 6333-9880