If your blog, like mine, isn’t one of those popular ones, with only less than 200 (at times zero) readers daily, than guess your advertlets or blog ad earnings aren’t that much. Now, there’s an easier and sure way of getting that extra bucks for your hosting, a good book or enjoy a good meal with friends.

Let me show you how…

Below is a table comparison of my (Claud Talking) earning from Advertlets, Nuffnang and Yebber…

From the above table, you can see how one can make better use of your time to earn more extra income. Within just 3 months, by posting reviews and photos on Yebber.com. I earned almost $65. That’s for writing of 33 reviews with photos uploaded for some and adding of random businesses on Yebber.com.So instead of waiting for advertisements to be served on your blog, which usually is rare (for some never), why not sign-up as a member for free at Yebber.com and start earning your money now? Many bloggers and non-bloggers have already signed up and are earning their own Yebber$ already! Don’t just sit there and wait, cause money will never fall from the ceiling lah!Find out more about how you can accumulate your Yebber$ here. Or register yourself for free here.

Still not good enough for you to be part of Yebber.com? Read on…

Apart from earning your own Yebber$, there’s also the following:

  • Get promotions/ benefits just for Yebber Members with Yebber’s Advertisers/Partners
  • Meet new friends who love to dine, shop and have lots of fun
  • Discover many new places to go with your friends
  • Chat daily, especially during office hours (shh… don’t tell your boss!), with fellow members in the shoutbox
  • Voice your thoughts and reviews and even complains
  • Find out more about the place you plan to check out over the weekend before going. There might be some hidden treasure (or trash) which you might want (or to avoid).
  • Have lots of fun at events brought to you by Yebber and partners.
  • Get talent spotted! You’ll never know who’ll be knocking on your door with that special opportunity.
  • … and a whole lot more!

Sounds cool? Go give it a try lah!

Some photos taken at Yebber events so far…

Forgot to mention it. There’s also Yebber Malaysia (just soft launched)!

Before Josh or other blog advertisers come chasing me about this post, I think I better make a disclaimer…

This post is not intended to spoil the market or get people to avoid using any of the blog advertisers. Cos its of 2 very different nature. I’m only trying to show how bloggers can try to earn extra income from. Its just to share more about the small and friendly website that many had missed. I hope this post will not cause any “war” between all our friendly bloggers /friends/ partners/ partners-to-be. We’re all a group of friendly and nice people. We don’t bite nor fight nor get into wars. So peace. Cheers! Have fun and be merry!