Prior to the show I was very excited and couldn’t wait to take lots of photos in the A380 and the supposed-to-be fantastics display at Airshow2008. But instead of enjoying it, I think we suffered more… even up till today!

Let me share my takes on this year’s not-so-well-planned Airshow… first the photos…

This was the highlight at the show, other than the infamous A380.
Everyone crowded in front of Mr Chinook Apache to get a shot with him.

Huge tank Bionix caught my attention.

These big propellers of some US planes caught my attention too.

Some shots of the tiny planes (in my viewfinder) at the Aerobatics Flying Displays
Can’t imagine I stood under the blazing hot sun for 1hr 30min to watch them!
Now my face skin is peeling! Sob sob! Hope it’ll get well by Friday!

The Black Knights doing the Delta Flyby

Some love from the Black Knights – The Flaming Heart Manoeuvres

After the Black Knight’s display, the rest all looks the same to me.
I was almost giving up when the A380 appeared from away,
everyone who went into hiding rushed out to catch a glimpse of its graceful flight.

Airbus A380

It’s clean and sexy bottom

After about an hour of the Aerobatic Flying Display,
we caught sight of A380 being towed back for the static display

It’s surely a WOW plane

The finale of the flying display was by the Royal Australian Air Force Roulettes
This one looks nostalgic to me.

Done with the photos, now the thoughts…

The day before I went for the show, I’m already prepared to bare with all the waiting and all, but when I was there on Sunday, I just couldn’t understand the way they work around the logistics. Getting there we took a cab cause the queue at Pasir Ris was horrendous! Good thing we were early so the getting in part wasn’t that bad. We managed to walk around the static display before the flying display starts. But as the crowd starts pouring in, there were just no where to walk and admire the display and exhibitions put up. The indoor halls were packed and whenever an exhibitor started giving out freebies, everyone just charged to get one. This I really can’t understand! Collect so many paper bags and brochures for what? Stop killing the trees! If you don’t need it, don’t take it! I saw many aunties and uncles carrying 6 to 8 of the same bags! Bring home distribute to their relatives?? Aiyoh! The only thing I did within the exhibition hall was to go to the ladies, get some aircon to cool off the heat and the rest (most) of the time was spent trying to squeeze out of it.

Then the worst part came when we were planning to leave the place! The directions and instruction signs put up wasn’t clear and significant enough. Everyone didn’t know where to go to get out of the place. There were many options for leaving the ulu exhibition centre. For us, there’s only 2 options, to either take a cab and paying super high surcharge and fare for it back to Pasir Ris, or join the messed up queue to take the free shuttle bus but to Pasir Ris.

At first we planned to take the cab, so we walked a loooong way out to the cab queue and then discovered that it wasn’t moving at all! So we changed our plan and went all the way back into the exhibition centre to join the bus queue. The queue was almost like a 2.4km long walk. We spent 1hr 45mins queuing for the bus! At the beginning of the queue, everyone was mixed up and didn’t know where exactly was the queue! People were pushing and shoving their way through trying to make it to the front of the queue. Some elderly and those with little kids couldn’t take the heat and had to fall out of it and waited at the side while the adults stayed in the messed up queue. Cisco police and some guys tried to give instructions but no one seemed to bother about them. Those unhappy families even ended up quarreling with the polices so that they can cut the queue.

Overall the experience was very bad for me. For such a small scale event already their logistics are so messed up, I wonder what will it be like for the mega events that are lined up…

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