I spent half the day sleeping. By time I woke up it was almost 2.30pm. That’s what happened when one sleeps only at 6 in the morning! The night before I was up with my girlfriends for our regular “CNY MJ Camp”. And that’s just the beginning of a month’s long of camp! Haha!

So my day started trying to book a ticket for CJ7. I spent more than an hour trying to access GV website and Cathay’s hoping to book our tickets online. Looks like everyone’s like us. Nothing better to do on CNY, so all spent time in cinemas. After battling with my keyboards and refreshing the GV site, I failed to get the my tickets! Just before I was about to give up, I was lucky enough to snap a seat at The Cathay. So off we went to catch CJ7.

The only thing that I like about the show is the alien dog, CJ7. He’s so cute lah! I also want one! Other than that, the storyline was quite blunt. But still managed to bring laughter and tears to the audience. Laughter filled the entire cinema almost 70% of the show. Great one to catch if you’re feeling down or bored. The little boy, Dicky, Stephen Chow’s son in the movie, was very good. His expressions and acting brought much laughter and live to the show.

Day 2 of CNY just passed in a flash. Hope it’ll be a more exciting Day 3 later… as for Day 4, I’m sure it’s going to be fun fun fun! So many friends and cousins coming over. I’m looking forward to it!