I just received an email from my hosting company telling me to renew my hosting in March. Before this I’d been considering getting a new domain since everyone now seemed to be using a .sg domain name. Just to name a few… sabrina.sg, dk.sg, jean.sg… etc etc

I’d been battling with a few domains for very very long and eventually decided to stick to limedsign.com. It’s not easy to remember and many people spell it wrongly many times. But it’s been with me for awhile and its where I’d  built my web presence.

Today I’d just sent my personal namecards for print! And now DK tempts me again with his .sg domain!! Waaaah!! DK I HATE YOU!

Perhaps next year I’ll consider again… perhaps lim.sg? or maybe claudia.sg? Haiz… I’m so indecisive!