Have you ever tried to go all out to find the eating place that you saw on TV the other day then later found out that their recommendation wasn’t as good as they’d said? This has been quite a common experience for people around me.

More than often we felt that there’s a bias side of all these food or product review programmes. Because never will they say that the food or product is not good or bad. Whenever a celebrity try any type of food shown on TV, he or she will surely 100% say that the food is very very good. But how true is that? Just he/she and his/her partner trying it and giving the recommendation. How reliable can that be?

Yes, TV programmes will only show the good ones and never the bad ones. Cos who will want them to film when its going to be a bad review? But also because the eating place or stall owners already knew the filming crew will be coming, surely they will put on their cleaniest outfit, best smile and best cooking to please them. So its bias to say that the food is good when the food was prepared for the crew. Perhaps only those who were there on the filming day get to eat the best cooking by them. Other days, well, you go and try and tell us about it.

Just want to do a simple survey here, how many of you reading this now actually have the same experience before?