On 17 February 2008, a group of Pingsters gathered at the newly opened (3 months old) Decoder Cafe at Balmoral Plaza. Almost like a tradition already, I was there to snap photos of the fun, crazy and madness bunch of people. If you still don’t know them, you better start! You don’t know what you’re missing!

This is Part 1 of the story…

There were many games to choose from at Decoder Cafe. And here are some of them…

I’m The Boss

This game was the first I played. It was stressful and brain tearing.
Great for those who enjoys battling in the world of money.
If only the money was real!

Hey! That’s My Fish!
This is supposed to be a brainless game. But due to the first game,
everyone spent too much time thinking and trying to strategies.

In the end, some penguins got trapped and died of hunger.

Jurassic Jumble

This is the most fun and loud one.
“One card! One card!”
“Two! Two!”
“Four! Four!”

What’s most important in this game are the bones.

Everyone were crazy about the bones!
Better watch them before they’re gone!

One of them went to the extend of wanting to swallow it!

Uzyn got overly excited. He had a false win.

Like all Singaporeans, fingers were pointed at him.

Ca$h and Guns

We loveee the guns…

The game was not bad too lah. But we had more fun with the guns…

Better watch out for them!

If not you might get attacked…

Or kidnapped…

Chillycraps tried to escape by giving Arzhou the bone… -_-”

Learning the game…

This one is a fast pace and quirky game.
You need to be alert and find out who your aliases are.

Are you one of my kind?

That’s the introduction to some of the games we played.
Part 2: The People
coming up next…