Nadnut spotted little Harry Potter at the match tonight! She took photos with him and got to meet his friends too! So cute lah!

Nadnut with Harry and friend

Slinger’s mascot with Harry and friend

Harry and friend tried to create havoc but was prevented by Miss “Severus Snape”

Couple of shots that’s still viewable…

the rest simply overexposed!
(Time to send D40 to Hospital N)

Someone call Miss Lah was at the game too

I wonder how she looks like. Pretty perhaps?

And last but not least… congrats to Alice…

Although she didn’t get to try for the $1mil throw,
she still walks away happy with the Slinger’s cap and mini-bball.

Tonight was the final for this season. Great game played by Slingers although they didn’t win. Many players looked exhausted by second half. Perhaps they had too much goodies during CNY? Hee…