I know readers are getting bored with all my rumblings and whining about the event tonight. I know some must be wondering why I am so stressed up over a simple and small event like this one. To be honest, there’s really nothing much to worry or get stress about. But I’m the kind of person who hope to give my guests the best I can.

For the past couple of days, I’ve been adding and checking items on my checklists for hundreds of times. Cos I keep having things that I hope to do or provide for my guests tonight. After attending quite a number of events over the years, and being part of some of these organizing committees, I set for myself a list of standards and must do at my first almost major event. I want my guests to truly enjoy themselves and have good memories after tonight. I also know its never possible to please everyone. But I want to tell myself, at the end of the day, that I’ve done my best.

So I hope, by the end of the night, I can give myself a big pat on my back and said I’ve done it.

If you’re attending the event tonight, I hope you’ll enjoy yourself. If there’s in any way that I’m not able to provide as a host, I apologies. Just come with a relax mind and happy mood. Everything else should fall in place nicely. I hope, and I know it will.