This is so frustrating! I’ve to take 2-half day leave so that I can get the Canon printer fixed! What?? This is a waste of consumer’s time isn’t it?!! First they give you great bundle at IT Show so they can get rid of their QC failed printers and then the unlucky me got a spoilt printer one!! And I have to travel all the way to the end of the world, at Harbourfront to get it fixed! Arrrggggghhhh!!!

One week ago I bought my Canon Ixus 950IS from the IT Show and got the free Canon Selphy CP740 in the bundle.  Didn’t have time to try the printer out till today. Was planning to use it next Friday but now looks like I’ve to find an alternative already! So sad!

The problem with this printer is the final print out. The printed photo looks washed out and yellowish. Based on my previous experience with Canon Selphy printers, it shouldn’t look like this! There could only be 2 situations that might be the problem… 1. The printer is spoiled. 2. The ink cartridge is spoiled. So I tried it with 2 other sets of ink cartridge. Result is still the same!

Conclusion?? The free printer is spoiled! At the very first use!

Canon should at least do some QC to make sure their freebies are usable right? Haiz… disappointed.

Thanks to their very friendly operating hours, Mon-Fri 9.30am to 7pm (Close on PH), I’ve to take leave just to get this printer fixed! One day to send it there and another day to collect it! Come to think of it, half day leave might not be sufficient. If you’d been to their service center, you’ll know the reason why!