To test the quality of my new toy I got from IT Show, I used it as much as I could today and here are some shots and comments from me…

Early morning I tried to shoot in the dark…
this one is taken in almost total darkness at ISO1600

Lots of noise when shot at ISO1600
but still able to see Greenie Boy pretty clearly.

While on the way to work, I tried some macro shots
on a moving bus. These are what I got…

Nice colors and clean shot at ISO100.
I’m very happy with IXUS950IS macro shots.
Gives quite a sharp focus and good bokeh for a compact digi.

Then a shot through the window…

Still clear and natural colored.
Pretty good considering the bus was moving off the stop.

Than at the office, I did more macro shots…

Great sharpness

Macro is still great for tiny numbers

The macro is so good that I can see the dust on my keyboard!

The next most important task of this camera is for…

Camwhoring of course! *LOL!*

Clear and nice colors.
Taken in moving car.

And there’s function to change the color settings within the camera!
This is very cool! I changed the above shot to B/W and here’s what I got…

Not bad hur?

Finally, here are two shots taken at the office…

This with Fuji Z3 (my old toy)

Noise very visible and the color is not clear nor bright

And this with Canon IXUS 950IS (my new toy)

Nice clean look with great color!

Can see the difference? That’s why I’m loving it!