In November last year, I’d two designs for my personal namecards. But didn’t get to print it till recently. I chanced upon this namecard printing shop at Funan and thought it was quite cheap. $30 for 3 boxes. (Previously I printed at $35 for 3 boxes with Print22.) So I decided to get my “Web2.0” namecards printed.

Here’s the card… there’s 2 sides to it…

One side shows my personal details

While the other side shows my job


This card I use it at personal events, bloggers outings and or when I meet new friends. So now, instead of giving out 2 cards, I just give them this! Clever or not? *LOL*!

Overall, the service at this printer is pretty good. But I got a little problem with the product itself. Quite sad. I’ll review about it at Yebber. :P