15 March 2008: It was a very special night for me. It was my first and I fell deeply in love with him for 2h 30min! Although his hair was quite weird tonight, but still his voice, his song, and just watching him do what he does best made my heart melt.

It was my very first LIVE concert and I attended with my best friend Yong. Max Pavilion was packed with Jeff Chang’s fans. The concert was good. With the Symphony Orchestra playing along with the amazingly talented Jeff Chang, the night was almost perfect. Apart from his funny looking hair and the not so comfortable seats at the Max Pavilion. Bought his “The Essential 2” cd. It’s going to be stuck in my Hi-Fi for awhile. (Imagine waking up daily to the songs of Jeff Chang… *grinz*)

Here’s one song he sang tonight, with some help from the audience…

Jeff Chang LIVE in Singapore