He’s not been feeling well since after his school’s X-country on Friday. After popping panadol and a quick nap, he felt better and came to help me out at the Yebber‘s anniversary. After a whole night of videographing the event and eating all the yummy fried food, helping to set-up, helping to pack and running errands quietly for me, he got sick!

Saturday he felt feverish and popped panadol again and rested. But by Sunday, his temperature hit close to 39degree! Poor abang! After resting the whole of today, the fever still didn’t subside. He went back to the clinic and was told he got Tonsil Virus Infection. He totally lost his voice and was given MC till Wednesday. I feel so guilty now. He fell sick after helping me. And I couldn’t be there with him and to give him a big hug cos I can’t fall sick. Not in this critical period.

I hope he’ll get well soon. Miss you lots!