It was a great experience for me this night. My first concert and I got to listen to my first (among the first few) idol sing his old and new songs LIVE! It’s sure a night to remember. And now, I’m falling in love with all his songs all over again! (I love his songs lots lots 10 years ago.) But listening to them now, brings a whole lot of new feeling and sentiments. That’s what happen when one grows old and been through more experiences in life.

Here are some not-so-clear shots from tonight. (I wonder how those guys got to get right into the restricted areas to take photos of him loh! Nope! Not all of them are officials! *Jealous!*)

There were 3 big screens showing work from various famous artists. Jeff said that he hoped this will create a more sophisticated and enjoyable performance for everyone. It was almost like an educational tour in an art museum throughout the concert. Quite interesting concept. Perhaps, he’s the only one that could pull through this. All thanks to his wonderful vocal and great songs.

Jeff in his 4th look that night

This was his 5th and last outfit before the encore

Jeff thanking his supporters and waving goodbye at the end of the concert

I think Jeff thought everyone fell asleep during his performance as there was little cheering and screaming from the fans. But the reason why the crowd was quiet through the entire concert was because everyone was mesmerized by his songs. Everyone was enjoying and completely engrossed by his performance and forgot to scream. But as he sang his last song for the night, and said goodbye to all, the crowd went crazy! Everyone was screaming and stumping their foot shouting for Jeff to come back on stage for more songs! This was what happened at the end of his concert (before the encore)…

Jeff Chang LIVE – Ending from claudia on Vimeo.

Jeff Chang LIVE in Concert – Encore from claudia on Vimeo.

Soon, Jeff jumped back on stage and sang few more songs. At this point, the crowd were all crazy. People from the back started running to the front, hoping to get a closer shot of Jeff in person. People seated in front all started standing up too. This was the highest peak for the entire concert. It was a successful one for Jeff.

That’s Yong and Me before the concert

Thanks for the music and memories. I totally enjoyed myself tonight.Here’s a song that was stuck in my head after the concert…

愛如潮水 ﹣ 張信哲

Camwhore time…

While waiting at the toilet queue

Yong the new Pokka Girl…

After the concert, we headed to Changi Airport. Our plan was to grab some food from Popeye’s and then check out T3 while we’re there.

We had our supper at Popeye’s…

But we didn’t get to check out T3, since we didn’t want to waste money to take cab from Airport back home. (Got extra surcharge + midnight charge leh!) So we left the airport, on bus 27, after our yummilicious meal.

Overall, a great night, with great company and great songs!

Oh! By the way, all photos and videos taken with Canon Ixus 950IS. :)