We were discussing whether or not to call the waitress and tell her we’re done with the meal, or just simply walk away without saying a word. It was our first time walking away after a meal. All thanks to Canon for the free voucher we got when we purchased the IXUS 950IS at IT Show.

We felt so strange when we were finishing up our dessert. We thought of giving them some tips for their service, but there wasn’t any tips box at the cashier. And they couldn’t possibly charged us service charge since there wasn’t going to be any bill. So I decided to just approach the cashier and asked if there’s anything we need to sign or do. She just smiled and said nope. It was so strange loh! (If only we can do this more often! Walk away without having to pay for the meal! *grinz*)

Here’s what we had with the “$100” complimentary voucher at the Swensen’s…

2 soup of the day + 2 soft drinks

Baked Mussels

Ribeye Steak

Sambal Grilled Fish


Chocolate Fondue

There’s a little incident during dinner. I’ll write about it in my review at Yebber later.

All photos taken with my new baby Canon IXUS 950IS.