Happening Weekend! And I’m soooo looking forward to it! So what’s so happening that got Claudia so excited that she can loose sleep just thinking about it?

Friday, there’s the party and on Saturday, there’s the breakfast that got many people talking. Are you attending both or either of them too?

On Friday, its the event that I’d been planning for the entire month and I’ll be sooooo stressed and nervous if anything should go wrong. And according to Murphy’s Law, I’m sure something somehow somewhere will go wrong. *Sadness*

What’s planned for the night? Well, for those coming, here’s the preview…

You’ll get to play these…

and more!

You’ll get to take lots of photos and print them out on the spot!

You’ll stand a chance to win this…


and this!

For those who are not able to make it, stay tune for the reports and post event blogging at Yebber’s blog and everyone’s who’s attending. (Will link to all the guests after the event.)

That’s Friday. And so what’s happening on Saturday? It’s the very first Social Media Breakfast! Are you one of those who practically live online? Breathe the air emitted from your pc everyday 24-7? If you are, this is the event you cannot miss! And what’s going to happen at this special breakfast?

Check out the video by Sheylara and Daryl..

Find out more about Social Media Breakfast here, here and here.