The Leap Years, a promise to meet every four years. Have you caught it? Thanks to the movie passes I got in the goodie bag. Went to catch the movie with abang at Tampines Mall. I was freezing in the coldness due to the rain and super cold air-con in the cinema. But when the show progressed, my heart was warmed and the warmth filled me.

The story is very touching and the director did a great job at setting the audiences’ mind to keep them in line with the show. I like the way the calender tells the story too. Li Lin played her role well. The playfulness in the child in her when she was 6 to the changes that took place as she grows and discover the love for Ananda in the show was beautifully acted out. Ananda as charming as he is, although appears once every four years, him playing the character makes the show even more worth watching.

After watching Qi Yu Wu in the 881 show, this one he played his role as KS even better. His love for Li Lin was well performed. It really touches me. Though he still played a rather quiet role in The Leap Years, this time round he had better chance of showing his talent.

The Leap Years goes into my heart-felt romantic movie to watch. Although some of my friends told me that the show is silly and all, to me it’s a well directed and played movie. I cried when I saw Ananda returning every Feb 29, I cried when he proposed to Li Lin, I cried when I saw the old him awoken at the end of the show. I also cried when Qi Yu Wu left Li Lin and I cried when he read Ananda’s love letter to Li Lin. The Leap Years truely touches my heart.

These would only happen in a movie or a story. In reality, such stories never really happened.

P.s: I was surprised when I saw Holmin in the show. He was the hotel manager at the wedding. Didn’t know he’s into acting too.