On board Singapore Flyer on 29 Feb 2008… I attended my first ever (and last) speed dating event! I think I would have been better off being part of the organisers than being a participant. Nevertheless, it was still quite an experience.

Arriving at The Singapore Flyer

I was listening to Class95 one day at work and heard about this Speed Dating event. Went to the website and just submitted my particulars to try my luck. Two days later, and after 5 missed calls from them, I was told I got selected for this event! I was thrilled as I get to be on the Singapore Flyer! Yap, I’ve to admit that my main objective was to get on the Singapore Flyer. And after today, I concurred that out of the 40 there, almost 50% were there with the same objective. Well, they might say that but think otherwise… but that’s not the point! Anyway… back to the night…

I arrived at Jalapeno’s Pepper Steak & Seafood Cafe at 7.30pm sharp. There were already many people around. Everyone was told to draw the capsule they’ll be taking and randomly everyone was split into 2 groups (10 ladies and 10 guys in each group). Everyone was also labeled with a number. From M1 to M20 and F1 to F20.

I was F3 (Cupid capsule)

Each of us was given a notebook and a pen. This was where we jotted down names and notes during the session. The ladies sat at the tables while the guys were asked to go sit at the balcony so that no one gets to interact with one another prior to the actual speed dating session.

Quick snap with the ladies before boarding.

Some of the ladies at my table (after the flight)

When everyone arrived, we were each given a ticket and we boarded the Singapore Flyer. At the entrance, everyone has to pass by a security check. Then we’ll enter into a mock up of the capsule where photos will be taken. ($15 for the first photo, $10 for subsequent copies.) I didn’t get to view the photos as we were hurried back to the cafe after our flight. But this photo was supposed to be superimposed into the back drop and show as if we took it while riding on the Singapore Flyer.

Boarding the capsule can be rather tricky. It continues to move as everyone rushed up to get into the capsule. Immediately when the door closes, the speed dating part started. We had a very bright lightbulb (the CNA videoman) onboard with us. The capsule was not as big as I’d imagined. 20 of us standing around the capsule already seemed rather packed. And when everyone started talking, we had problem trying to hear each other.

During the session, the ladies stood still while the men goes around in clockwise direction introducing themselves. The first few times we did this it was alright. Chatting and introducing each other… while trying to battle with the other 9 couples who were also doing the same thing…

“Hi I’m Claudia, you are? … Ok let’s write down your name… So what do you do?… Where do you stay?…”

And that went on for 10 times!! I was thrilled when I saw the 10th guy as it marks the end of the session.

As everyone was trying to make full use of the 3 precious minutes talking to one another, we didn’t get to really enjoy the beautiful sight. Lucky for me, I was facing the nicer side of the scenery. In between conversation, I stopped and take a quick snap of the night with my pathetic Z3. These are what I got…

View from my side of the capsule
(Would have been better with my D40 and tripod)

The blue light surrounding the flyer

All the ladies were tired and hungry when the 30min flight ended. Back at the cafe, we had to select one other party that we would like to see again and vote for the Speed Dating Queen and King.

To choose or not to choose?

Everyone had a tough time doing this as we had pretty much forgotten what happened 30mins ago! After some discussions and recalling, we managed to list out some of the guys. There were 2 pairs of couples who were matched! Both party had identified the other as the special someone whom they would like to meet again. And the 2 couples each walked away with a Nikon camera! *Envy*

Group shot of the participants in Cupid Capsule

After the prize presentation and dinner, the casts from The Leap Years came by for quick photo taking with us! How nice! Everyone took turn to take photos with them…

Wong Li Lin and Vernetta Lopez

Them with me

Allan Wu, Wong Li Lin and boss of Jalapeno’s Pepper
(All the ladies wanted to take photos with Allan. But none dared to approach him.)

Qi Yi Wu was there too! That’s me with him.

More photos of the other participants and him will be uploaded in facebook.

That’s about all for my first experience at Speed Dating. Overall it was a pleasant evening and the flight onboard The Singapore Flyer was nice. I would probably go back again when everything around Marina Bay is up and ready. Everyone at the event were mostly friendly and nice people. Except for a few of them who seemed to be “forced” to go. Perhaps they could have let go alittle and accept jokes instead of giving comments when they don’t know the head and tail of the story. Them aside, there’s many nice people I met today. Hope we could all keep in contact and perhaps meet again for a gathering on 29 Feb, four years from now. If you’re reading this and was at the event, do check out the facebook group.

I’ll end of this post with snaps of things we got in our goodie bag…

Class 95 premium, Movie passes, Free Contact Lens and vouchers

Beauty products from Kiehl’s and pendant from SooKee Jewellery

There was also a miniature Ralph Laren perfume and Feb issue of Style Magazine.

Thanks Class95 for organizing this event and picking me to be part of it. Hope I’ll get a chance to be part of future events like this.