No One Sees, No One Pongs so No Pongs for Me!

These days I’ve been blogging very late at night and usually have to spend too much time on preparing the post and by the time I managed to get the post up, its already way past midnight. So in order to keep the post dated on the post time, I set the timestamp to the time I started typing my post.

But this also means that my Ping to would not be shown on the front page or even in the next few pages, since its timestamped at a much earlier time. This is quite sad wor, especially if the post was supposed to draw much more attention from the community then it eventually got. (Or maybe its just my thoughts lah.) It’s even sadder when I see posts that were pong-cheated or not very informative gets into Top10 when those quality ones don’t.

I know some of my friends and members from ping do drop by my blog daily to check out my post or get to know about updates through my Twit. Really grateful for them. If not, I really would have wasted my time preparing and writing my entries.