Was invited to the launch of the latest LG mobile phone KS20 at Vivo City today.

Here’s a video snippet of the new LG KS20 and short snippet of the pretty model Nicole… love her long long hair! Sexy!

New LG KS20 with Pretty Model Nicole from claudia on Vimeo.

It was quite different from what I’d expected it to be. But still quite an experience. The first and hopefully many more to come. My take on the new phone, based on the short few minutes of fiddling with it with only one hand, the phone feels good when held and suitable for ladies. It’s classy and sleek design goes well with any outfit and lifestyle. The touch screen is quite sensitive and I like the simplicity of the phone. Didn’t really get to explore the phone, but since its running on Windows Mobile 6, it should be similar to any WM6 phones. (Like my Moto Q9h).

The LG KS20 is retailing at $888. Price pretty steep. I guess most would probably go for the iPhone if its launched. LG KS20 is available only in Singapore and Hongkong.

Fellow bloggers who were there includes Sabrina, DK, Rinaz, Farinelli, Sheylara, Jayden, Nadnut, Nicholas, IZreloaded, Estee and few others.