I know everyone’s waiting for the photos by the official photographer from Yebber 1st Anniversary party. But the super blur me forgot my ftp password for Yebber and couldn’t do an official post yet. But here’s some which I’ve selected for my blog entry. The rest will be up on Yebber by Tuesday when I get to find my password in my office. (cos Monday I’m on leave :P)

Credits for photos posted goes to Leon, Jean and myself.

Before the event starts, we took the chance to do mass camwhore

Yuz, LIC, ZH, TP, me, BB and PB

Mr Muscle man with his 2 sassy assistants

Sweet Jean and me

As I was zombie-ing around the entire night, I didn’t managed to take any proper photos with my camera and neither had chance to go around camwhoring with everyone! (Which I’d planned to) Still managed to catch some guests for a quickie…

with EastCoastLife (ECL)

with Kitty Daphne and pretty Qiaoyun

(I love this shot of us!)

with Kitty Daphne

(I heart this one too!)

with Daphne and U-zyn

(Why U-zyn never act cute? *tsk tsk*)

Then I spotted a pretty lady in black and white swirling around!

It’s Rina! Love her dress!

I’m happy to see people playing with the childhood games I brought…

Sabrina and Alice challenging at a game of 5-stone

(@Jean: I wanted to bring zero-point! But don’t think anyone will be playing it lah. And also to prevent from tearing mint museum down. LOL!)

Check out the many big guns at the party!

There were 3 more big guns whom were hiding elsewhere
while I took this with my small gun

One thing which I’d been worrying most for the event was the quality of food. So many foodies and bloggers attending such events, the caterer must also have felt the stress. Especially since this woman (me) had been calling them and reminding them that the food and service has to be well taken care of. And I’m glad the staff at Mint Museum did a brilliant job that night! The food was great, and the service was good. I only managed to go for a single serving of the buffet and I regretted. I want more!

Especially the Parmesan Crusted Chicken and the Brushetta!
The desserts served later was very yummy too!

The night went past too fast. We had to rush through the bingo game and lucky draw. But I’m glad everyone had fun poking the bingo cards and I could feel the anticipation of the guests during the lucky draw. Congrats to the winners!

Rina did not forget to take shots of her cards while the game was on.
Truly a pro-blogger

What’s an anniversary party without a cake? So I ordered a Yebber cake at the very last minute and was glad it turned out looking pretty good.

“Yebber – I am One!” cake

And remember the 3 funny looking men Darren mentioned? Here they are…

The trios who started Yebber.com

There were many more photos taken and will be published on Yebber.com soon. To end off this post, here are two group shots taken at the end of the event. (Some guests already left while we took these.)

Hmm… what is Yebber about?

It’s all about YOU!

Yes YOU!

So will you come join us?


Thanks to everyone who came to the party… now I’m trying to recall who they were… if I’d missed anyone out, please inform me ya.

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