This is Medium Rare Steak?

At dinner last night, I ordered a medium-rare Ribeye Steak and this was what I got…

This is a medium rare steak?

At first look, I almost fainted! There wasn’t much blood on the photo but there was blood flowing out at other side of the steak where I cut. This is not the first time I order a medium rare steak. And my previous experience with steak isn’t as raw looking as this one.

I really couldn’t make myself swallow this piece of meat but as it was a “free” meal (using complimentary dining vouchers from my canon camera purchase) I was quite pai say (shy) to ask for a replacement. But if I don’t I would end up eating just the fries! So I asked for another. The manager asked if I would like a medium done one instead. So here’s the other piece of steak served…

Medium done steak

Comparing the two steaks I got yesterday, the first one was much thicker and the redness of the meat inside really spoiled my appetite. Just looking at the photo above now makes me eeek.

Was the first steak really a medium-rare one? If its so, than all the previous steak I had, at Uno, Astons and the other steakhouse, where I ordered a medium-rare were actually cooked to medium done? Hmmm…

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  1. Raw steak is uncooked, out of the cooler and on to your plate, red and bloody all around.

    Your top one was rare to medium rare, and your second one is medium rare.

    And wow that rare steak really made me hungry! I can’t stand eating a dry well done steak, totally ruins it in my opinion :)

  2. Ummm, I don’t know what these people are talking about but I always order my steak Medium or Medium rare and that, my dear, is rare. You can clearly see that there are parts of the meat that have not been cooked at all, hence the word ‘rare’. Medium rare is supposed to indicate a hot, red center, and Medium has a hot pink center… Is it not? This looks like it’s still a bit cool like that of a steak prepared rare. I hate when restaurants mess this up.

  3. I prefer my steaks “BLUE rare” cool to cold center very tastey which is where they put in on a plate and “walk past” the char-broiler on the way to your table.

    Try it sometime you might like it

  4. the first pic, i’d say it’s blue rare. accidental blue rare!
    the second, a medium rare to medium.

    oh man… blue rare is the yummiest for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The steak on top is RARE! The one below it is Medium!
    If I were to order the first one I would say, ” Knock off its horns wipe it’s nasty ass and put it down here on the plate” Rare Rare Rare… If they were to screw up a piece of meat like that, free or not, I would demand they do it untill they got it right.

  6. I cook steaks like that all the time.
    Top is rare
    Bottom is medium rare.

    Though the top is a bit too rare. o.o But as long as the top is brown you should be ok. I was told Rare = cooked for 2-3 mins on each, if that.

  7. The top one is blue definitely, if not raw! Was it actually warm inside?!?! It looks like it is just sealed on the outside to me! Disgusting!

    Completely agree with Vaughn also, these people saying that it is medium rare and they have it like that “all the time” have no idea what they are on about! And will probably end up with food poisoning sooner rather than later!!!

  8. so many comments in conflict, this is why we have such a problem.
    The first steak is rare-med rare and Waaay from blue… and steaks don’t leak blood, that is juice and it is called myoglobin. The second is past med rare but not medium.
    Google ‘Steak Doneness” and remember this.
    You ALWAYS have a right to describe how you want it done.
    A classy chef will not sneer but rise to the ocassion.
    Bon apetite!

  9. The first is how i’d like my steak to look – but never get! I’d say it’s on the very side of rare but not blue. The second is well on it’s way to being well done, but not quite, but still too cooked to be med rare.
    I always ask for a rare steak but get medium rare, so now I specify what I want it to look like cos I hate having to send it back and I always worry they’ll have done something to it.

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