Its coming! Thursday the first day and I’m planning to go check out the prices and packages on Thursday and if I need, I’ll go home study the price and go get the gadgets over the weekend or something.

What I need from the show?

  1. A new compact camera, cos the Z3 I have now sucks at low light condition. How to take nice nice photos like that? Cannot be bringing my Nikon D40 out everyday right? But I still haven’t done my research to see which model is the best for my needs wor. Any recommendation from anyone? (Or anyone wants to sponsor me one?) I need this camera to take almost as good shots as my DSLR and allows me to take good quality videos too. Best if uses SD card as xD and memory stick are just too expensive to buy spares.
  2. A new printer, cos the one at home is spoiled! This one best if comes free with the camera purchase. If not, I may give this a miss first. Still can survive without it for now.
  3. A mobile broadband from Starhub, cos I need one more for my macbook and also cos abang can get it at 50% discount. Hope they got something more during the show to entice me more to get it.
  4. A stylish carrier for my macbook, cos I’ll probably be bringing it everywhere I go if I should get #3 above. If #3 is not enticing enough, than I’ll probably not need this.

I’m on a super tight budget (like I’d always been). But seriously need to get the above, at least #1 the camera, both for work and play.

What about you? Planning to check out anything at the coming IT Show? 6th to 9th March at Suntec City.