Wiiiiii!!!! I won!!!! Thanks to nadnut!

I couldn’t believe it!! I just received a call from SPH! And the lady told me I’d just won myself a Wii Bundle!!! OMG!!!

I won it all thanks to Nadnut! Remember few weeks ago I posted for you all to vote for her in the Unexpected Australia Adventure finalists? Well, congrats to her, she won the trip and will be flying to Australia in April! And because I voted for her, I won myself a Wii Bundle!! I’m so so so happy!! Now my bf can keep his money (or hopefully use them to buy pretty things for me!) and play with me on my wii instead!! YEAH!!! Can’t wait to get the letter so I can rush down to SPH to collect my prize!

Muack! Thanks Nadnut!!

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  1. Awesome! I want one too….though i have a ps3, ps2, ps, nintendo 64, neo geo, gameboy, gameboy advance, DS lite…

  2. @daphne yap… abit over liao leh! haha! each person can only vote once a day leh! :P

    Heard from nadnut that 2 other of her supporters won too. 1 won the DSLR and 1 won the phone! So cool!

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