After a month of planning and much whining and stressing, Yebber’s 1st Anniversary party was successfully hosted last night at the Mint Museum. There was a mixture of feelings at the end of the party for me. But before I get to that, here’s what happened behind the scene before the party…

The goodie bags that were given out last night
(Thanks Andy and KK for helping to get them ready)

Inside the envelopes – Yebber Press Release and decal,
HPC Dining Voucher, Mint Cafe Voucher and Angelsky8 voucher.

And inside the goodie bags – Playeur Journal, Project Smitten magazines,
Mint collectibles, Creative booklet and the envelope

Remember the 100-slides-in-5-min presentation by Darren?
This was the rehearsal in progress before we head out to mint.

About two week before the event, we got our first batch of Yebber Tee printed.
At the back… silkscreen printed – “Where to go? Just Yebber it.
(Will be available for sale soon)

This is the logo in front. Yap its embroidered not printed.
I like! You want? There’s the usual polo tee, the dry-fit polo and dry-fit t-shirt!

Together with abang, we headed down to East Coast Rd to collect the Yebber cake. When we were about to leave the place, someone obstructed the road. Why? Cause a driver decides to go in the opposite direction! And still have the cheek to “discuss” the issue with the parking man.

Cos of her, we were delayed for like hmm… 10mins?

Than while driving up the mint, the sky looks gloomy

When I arrived, PB, TP, BB and my team were there already.
Immediately we got started setting up and packing in the bookmarks into the bags.

Yebbers hard at work. Thank you so much!

Then the ambassadors watched for the first time,
the video we shot a week ago…

This is the video, which was first seen at the party last night…

Yebbers Talk from claudia on Vimeo.

I have thanked them last night at the party, and have thanked them again before we left. But I want to thank them again! For all the help they’ve provided. Their support, their understanding and their precious time. Without their volunteering, I wouldn’t have been able to carry out the event. Thanks soo soooo much Polarbear, TrumPat, Bobo and my abang!

Next up, the party!