Sheesh! This is either a badly planned promotion or they just simply don’t care. A Yebber shared this article from asiaone in the shoutbox.

They’re running a contests to giveaway 2 tickets to champagne brunch this Sunday in line with the World Gourmet Summit. Each ticket is worth $188. Participants are supposed to answer a giveaway question in their forum and post their full name and contact number so that the organisers can contact them should they be the lucky winner.

More than 110 people submitted their answers and particulars in the forum so far. Some who were more alert left out their particulars and just posted their answers. But would they be forfeited from the contests as they weren’t following the instructions? One also posted “Are we to disclose our private mobile phone number to the public?”

This contests thou tempting to many but is it worth exposing your name and contact number in public like that? Telemarketers or anyone can simply copy the entire calling list and use it for their purpose.

What the organisers could have done to prevent this from happening? Simply hide the entire forum to public and allow only postings. Or they could have just sent the winners a private message through the forum right?

If you’re reading this and going to submit your particulars for the contest, please think twice.


Wow! I’m amazed! Did they find out their mistake before or after I posted my entry? Now all the last 4-digits of the mobile number is censored.