How many times have you filled up a lucky draw coupon? I’m sure, more than ten or some even hundreds! But have you ever read the Terms and Conditions stated on the form? (Usually printed in extra fine print that many of us chose to ignore.) I’m one of those victims who believed in winning that grand prize of a car, a million dollar or a free shopping spree. But never once won anything from a lucky draw coupon kind of draw.

Have you ever received calls from an unknown number congratulating and announcing that you’ve won yourself a free package or a free gift from a lucky draw you’d participated a year ago? YES! Freaking ONE WHOLE YEAR ago! How would I remember?

So if you’re one of those thousands of people whom got such calls… Welcome to the club!

I’d received many many many of such calls. And no matter if its genuine or not, I will turn them down. I don’t need a free makeover, I don’t need a free spa trial, and I don’t need a free access pass to your gym. I will never need a time share travel package and nope, I’m not keen to attend a talk so that I’ll get a chance to win some cash. All these are the common gimmicks tele-marketers used to con the innocence.

After thinking about what happened, and listing down ways of how these people actually got hold of our contacts, I derived that they would most probably have bought a whole list of contacts from companies whom has so kindly fine printed that all details filled in the lucky draw form is open to their partners, affiliated companies blah-blah-blah… (which most of us don’t notice as we don’t read).

To prevent from such calls in a year’s time, I’ve decided to stop filling up lucky draw coupons. No matter how great the prizes are, I know I wouldn’t be that lucky. So why get myself expose to such calls?

So the next time before you fill up the lucky draw coupon for that million dollar draw, do spend the short few seconds looking through the Terms and conditions carefully. But then again, not everyone is so honest as to state their motives in the coupons.