Thanks everyone for your support at Claud Talks. It has been quite an experience blogging here. The experience and growth of this blog became even more since I joined and

It’s sad to see all my hard work building this blog gone to waste just like that. But when its time to move on, we just have to move on…

Moving on is never an easy thing to do. The process can be painful, long and at times torturous. But I hope this move will be a better and more fruitful journey.


If you’ve linked me, or is planning to link me, or has me bookmarked in your browser, please direct all the links to Yap! I’ve finally got it! :)

I applied for the domain 2 days ago, and with some help from my dear host, I’m already up and running since afternoon yesterday. (That is today lah)

Closing commenting in this blog from now on too. Any love notes or footprints for me, please direct them to :D

See you there!