Feeling the need to do something to my hair, I went back to the salon where I did my curls. Having several ideas of what i may want to do to my hair, I headed down. It was either a treatment with some trimming, or a totally new look with short short cut, or I would have straighten it and trim off the dry parts.

But when I sat down at the salon, my plan totally forgotten. I just told my hair stylist to cut and do whatever she wants. And before I could change my mind, she already started chopping off my hair! So I could only sit back and relax and let her do her thing.

My long long hair before the cut

Then after many snips and cuts, my hair was gone!

To make my hair softer, I decided to have a treatment.
And my head was wrapped in this big grey foil with hot steam steaming my hair.

And gosh! My hair! So short!

This photo look so not me loh! Arggghhh!

It’s going to take many many more months before I can see my long long hair again. At the looks of things, and per mentioned by my hairdresser, I’ve a bad feeling that I’ll end up having shorter and shorter hair instead! Nooo! Short hair makes my big face look even bigger! Hope I will manage to maintain this new look of mine. Else I’ll probably end up bundling up my messy hair into a ponytail.

When will I see my long hair again? When will I be able to touch it and stroke it like I always did? Wahahahaha! Hair! I miss you already!!!