As mentioned in my earlier post, I was very upset about not being able to collect my wii prize from SPH today. Abang understand how much I wanted to get it today and so he bought one for me instead! Thank you Abang!!!

Hugging my Wii from my Love

He bought Mario Party 8 too!

We can play Wii with Minmin tomorrow! Happiness!

So now technically I’ve got 2 sets of Wii! It’s either we keep the other set at his house or we’ll sell it off if there’s a buyer for it. Anyone want to buy? Bid for Wii Console from $530. :D

Wii surely is a family bonding game. And great great one for parties! Now we’ll just need 2 more controllers and few more party games and we’ll be ready for lots of non-stop fun and laughter! Already I’ve got few parties planned. Can’t wait!