Yes! It’s THE SPH we all know! It just show that it’s not the size of the organisation that matters. In fact, the bigger the organisation, the more inflexible they’ll be. I’m just so pissed with them for destroying the my plan for my weekend which I’d been looking forward to for so long.

Not so long ago, I won a Wii console in a voting contest for Nadnut. After about a week of hearing this good news, I waited for the collection letter from SPH. It finally came in my mailbox, and I was told to collect it between 1st April to 26 April, from Mon-Fri between 9am to 5pm or on Sat between 9am to 12pm. As a blogger, of cos I would like to collect the console on my own so that I can take a photo with me holding the wii with SPH in the background. I’d been busy and will be busy over the next few weeks. So I woke up early on a Saturday so that I can head down to SPH by 12pm to collect my prize.

Today, Abang and I drove down to SPH to collect the Wii console so that we can play with it with Minmin tomorrow. Feeling all excited and thrilled we reached SPH and proceeded to the reception. Only to be told that the Advertising Sales and Service Centre was close! Out of all the Saturdays, they’d to be close today!!! The reception told me that the company is having an event and the Sales Centre will only be open after 12.30pm but no collection of prizes is allowed. After waking up early and going through the jams just so we can collect the prize today, upon hearing the news from the reception, my heart sunk. It sunk so deep that I could feel tears in my eyes! It may seem that I’m overly emotional and a drama-mama, but I was really very very upset and pissed. Don’t judge me now. Read on to know why…

  • After more than 2 months of not seeing Minmin, we’re finally getting access to bring her home tomorrow. And we’d planned to enjoy the short time we’ll be spending with her tomorrow at home with wii games. We miss her laughter and we’re sure she’ll be enjoying herself playing wii together. (This is the main and most important reason why I am so upset about this matter.)
  • We sacrifice our sleep on Saturday to collect the wii. (Usually I’ll wake up after 1pm on Saturday and Sunday.)
  • I’d been looking forward to collecting the console since the day they called me.
  • We even bought an extra controller with Wii Play on Friday just so we can have fun together with wii today and tomorrow.

All these plans and hope of ours was smashed into million pieces cos SPH choose to be close today! In the email they sent me, there’s no notice nor instructions for me to call or check if they’ll be open before heading down! So as long as I go within the stated hours, they should by right be able to pass the wii to me right? SPH is so big and there’s someone in the office, why can’t they just come down and pass me the prize? Why are they so inflexible?

I’m pissed. And I’m very very very upset. But of cos, they wouldn’t care.

So now how? I’ll send someone down to collect on my behave. And forget about the part where I had planned to blog about the collection of my prize. This is such a disappointment.