The last time I went clubbing was in July last year, but I don’t classify that as clubbing as I didn’t get to do what clubbers should do, that’s to dance! I’d been quite a clubber 10 years ago. Every Wednesday at Zouk for their infamous Mambo night and you’ll probably find me at one of the clubs along the then packed and happening Mohammad Sultan Road on Fridays or Saturdays.

As my clubbing kakis get older, together with me, they changed. They no longer club like they did years ago. Now they go club to sit, drink and chill. I miss those days when we go for our girls night out clubbing and dancing till the club close. They’ve tamed down. But I’ve not. Everytime I hear retro music blasting, my legs would be itching to move. Itching to club. My mantra for clubbing is to dance, have fun, enjoy the night and sweat myself crazy.

After trying hard to find new clubbing kakis, I think I finally found my match! Thanks to the constant reminder of going clubbing from Polarbear and HisFoodBlog in the Yebber shoutbox, we finally decided to head down for our first clubbing experience together at dblO. I had always thought I’d been to dblO but only last night I discovered I’d been wrong! The place I went before was Obar and not dblO. Silly me! I’ve to say, I love the settings more at dblO than Obar. I’ll write more about dblO later at Yebber. :P

I’ve to say, I truely enjoyed myself last night. I was dancing so furiously that my legs could have gave way and I would have fell flat on my face. But good thing this didn’t happen. Its been too long since I remember clubbing like that. I was the dancing queen last night. (Self declared dancing queen of cos! Hahaha!)

Thanks guys for the great dancing queen night! Let’s go again! When I get my Citibank clear card! HAHAHA!