Finally got hold of the Leopard installation disc. Didn’t even do much research before installation, I just whacked it after backing up my files into my portable hdd. The entire installation took more than 2 hours and when it’s done, I’m already half asleep. But determined to test this new cat out, I struggled to keep awake.

The first 5 min was alright. I tried the Spaces feature and I simply love the new Finder! Next 10 min was spent trying to figure out why my Starhub mobile didn’t manage to connect itself when I plugged in. I panicked. After several plugging in and out of the Huawei E170 USB Stick, I gave up. I tried connecting to the crazy mio from my home and surprisingly it connected itself without any problem! But it’s only good for internet connection for browsing web, my adium had problem connecting.

Quickly googled (always my hero!) for solution. And after checking out several forums and blogs, finally I found the reason why! After reconfiguring the network settings, I managed to get it connected. *HAPPY!*

And the last 5 min was spent typing this entry. I’ll be exploring more of this new cat over the weekend. Hope it’ll not disappoint.