Its been more than 2 months since we last saw her. We miss her very much. We have always been hoping for a call, from Wed through Fri, that’ll bring some hope for us. Due to the law that’s loop-sided, there wasn’t much we could do. And for the past 2 months, there wasn’t any call that gave us a slight chance of hope.

When Abang told me that we’ll be seeing her this week for a short 6 hours, I started planning how to spend these precious hours with her, cos we never know when we’ll get to see her the next time. And this important plan was almost blown away by the inflexibility of some big organization.

While we were driving up to our meeting point, Abang’s phone rang. My heart stopped. Cos this had happened too many times. And it had always been bad news for us. Alas, it wasn’t what we’d expected. We sighed a sign of relief. We waited for her arrival in front of Yishun 10 at 12pm sharp. After 10 minutes, there wasn’t any sight of her. I started to get worried. When I was about to get Abang to call that woman, I saw a familiar face. One which I’d missed for the past 2 months. I smiled. She has lost some weight and looks even sweeter and lovelier than ever. We united. Finally.

The day passed too fast. We played and enjoyed our precious 6 hours together. Never once I let her out of my sight. I was worried that she would have forgotten about me. But we bonded just like before. I know she love us as much as we love her. The 6 hours was filled with laughter, giggles, hundreds of photos, great time, hugs and kisses. I can still hear her laughter in my ears.

She brightens up our life. Today. And I hope one day, it’ll be everyday.

We love you Minmin!