There’s this funny habit of mine which I need to kick off. That is I think too much! I spent too much of my waking hours thinking, and I spent too little of my waking hours acting on the things I thought of.

I need to find more time to transform my thoughts into physical actions. I need to find a way (thinking again!) to do this. But instead of doing it, I again wasted too much time thinking.

Every night I try hard to force myself to sleep. But every night, my mind will think of too many things and I find it hard for me to sleep. And because my body is too tired to react to the things I think, I do not bother to write the thoughts down. And very often, these thoughts I have before I sleep, even thou many are very useful ideas, usually they’re gone to waste as I trashed them while I am deep in my sleep. Like that how ah? Every good idea I have, I forget. Can’t let this carry on!

So I started buying cute little notebooks to help me remember things. Everytime i see one cute or nice notebook, I would buy and tell myself to use it wisely. The more I shop, I more I buy. And now I’ve a stack of notebooks piling up in my room and at my office desk. But still… all my thoughts aren’t noted down yet! Like that cannot lah!

Claudia! Start doing things and stop thinking! (But don’t stop thinking completely of course!)