After the emotional ride at SPH, and when I’m settled down, another wave took place. We were driving along Ang Mo Kio Industrial area when we met with this almost freaky accident. The traffic light was turning red and we slowed down… to our horror, a van on our left skidded while he was braking.

He was either too tired or dreaming while he was driving. Unaware of the yellow box at the traffic light, instead of speeding past the light, he tried to brake. The tyre must be too old and have lost gripped. His van skidded for a short distance and started spinning and towards our car! At that moment, my mind went blank and Abang was in total shock too. All he could do was to step harder on his break praying hard that the van will stop in time. Our car stopped but the van was still spinning towards us! I thought that’s IT! Our new Rush is going to be trashed soon. I closed my eyes and paused my breathing. There was like a split second of silence and lucky for us, the van managed to break his spin just in time. Our vehicles were only centimeters apart!

I was traumatized. My heart couldn’t stop pounding after we drove away. My hands were shivering. I’m glad I’m still alive.