Some of you must be wondering who Minmin is. If I were to tell the whole story, it’ll probably take me 4 years to do it. So I’m going to sum it up here within 30 mins or more (of typing).

The first time I met Minmin was 4 years ago. She was 2 and still so small and wasn’t aware of the things happening around her. I remember that first day, she cried when I tried to get close to her. She refused to let me carry her. It was hard, for her and for me. But I knew our love will grow as time goes by.

It had been a very tough period from then, up till today. Even though the problem lies with the woman’s side, the loop-sided law still refuses to see things at the bigger picture. Instead of allowing the well educated, stable income and better living that the father can provide, Minmin had to follow the woman. It was painful for him. But there’s nothing much he could do at that point.

Access to Minmin, according to the stated agreement was once every two weeks, with one day access (6hrs) and one over night access (24hrs). Every week, since 4 years ago, we waited. We waited for that call telling us that we’ll get to see her over the weekend. But the call never came. It was only until reports were made and few more trips to the loop-sided place, that we started receiving calls. But still, even as planned, when we were on our way to picking her up, the phone might ring. And when it does, we knew it wasn’t going to be good. That woman manages to cook up thousand and one reasons to prevent us from seeing Minmin. Even at 20 minutes before the pick-up time, she would call and inform us that Minmin was sick! Many times, it wasn’t true.

After the initial emotional and mentally stretched period, we got used to it. Our weekends were never planned. Cause we never know whether we’ll be taking Minmin or not. In order not to miss our precious chance of seeing her, we try our best to avoid any events or outings on Sat and Sun. This went on, even up till today.

Over the 4 years, Minmin has grown, she seem to understand what’s happening in her life. She’s a very bright and intelligent girl. She knows what to say at the right time. Every moment spent with her was recorded, in photos or in videos. She’s our princess, our dearest, our love. Looking through the thousands of photos taken with her over the past 4 years, always bring back fond memories. And makes us forget about the tougher times we had without her.

If you’ve been reading till now, and still can’t understand what I’m writing, catch me on msn. I’ll tell you.

I’m ending off this post with some more shots taken on Sunday. Our first get together after more than 2 months…

On the way to Ayah’s house

Minmin and me

Minmin playing bubbles

Just before she say goodbye